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Manning Enterprises maintains a set of Employment Values as part of ensuring a "Brand Ambassador" uniqueness which serves the guests and community in which it conducts business.

Background Checks: As a condition of employment, candidates who are considered to attend orientation are required to fill out and sign approval for a comprehensive background check. This consists of Criminal, Credit - garnishments/Child Support and Motor Vehicle check. Your time and our time is valuable, please don't waste any of this valuable time if you're knowingly aware of results which would prevent you from going any further. Background checks are performed at time of consideration as a candidate for orientation, and when any consideration for promotion to next level takes place.


Drug Testing:

 As a condition of Employment and Workers Compensation Requirements, any employee sustaining injury in the workplace, or injured as a result of performing work for Manning Enterprises is required to submit to comprehensive Drug Testing when visiting the assigned medical clinic.

I understand that Manning Enterprises has a commitment to maintain an alcohol/drug-free workplace and that Manning Enterprises, unless prohibited by state law, requires a drug screening test as a part of its selection and hiring process. I understand that such drug screening will consist of the testing of a urine sample or other medically recognized test designed to detect traceable amounts of controlled substance in my body, if after a second confirmatory test reviewed by a Medical Review Officer. It is determined my specimen contains a prohibited controlled substance or was altered or substituted. I will be disqualified from consideration for employment and any offer of employment will be withdrawn. I further understand and agree that if I am employed, I may be required to submit to alcohol/drug-testing under certain circumstances during my employment.

Sex Offender/Sex Offender Registry: Manning Enterprises will not hire any person who is under the Sex Offender Registry, or who has a background check resulting in criminal activity resulting in a Felony Conviction of any sort, or of a Misdemeanor Charge which is in direct relationship or consist of behaviors of a Sex Offender nature.

Polygraph Testing: As a condition of employment, anyone employed under Manning Enterprises submits their consent and approval to a polygraph testing session.

Note: The posted material is not a contract and a contract at will employment can only be with approval of Vice President or President of company

Note: Please also refer to our E-Verify Process and Brand Ambassador Tabs.