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At McDonald's, we're all about community!

Do you remember learning what makes a community when you were in grade school? The same information applies today - and to your McDonald’s restaurants.

McDonald’s is a big time employer.

Together, did you know Carolinas McDonald's restaurants…

• Employ 19,255 people in management, support and restaurant positions.
• Pay lots of people in NC too! McDonald's restaurants spend over $203 million on wages and over $68 million on benefits.

        McDonald's is good business. 

Did you know Carolinas McDonald’s restaurants… 

• Ca-ching! Create about 49,985 more jobs and early $1.1 billion in spending through all of that money in the local NC economy.
• Spend over $337 million dollars in their communities - that’s more than $1 million per day!


McDonald’s is a friendly neighbor.

Collectively, did you know Carolinas McDonald’s restaurants…

  • Donates hundreds of thousands of dollars to local schools.
    • S
    upport dozens of children’s charities each year through donations to Ronald McDonald House Charities of North Carolina.

McDonald’s restaurants are involved in communities throughout the Carolinas. To read about just a few of the different programs McDonald’s is involved in within your community, please visit the following links on the home page:

Breast Cancer Awareness, Share Your Heart, McTeacher’s Night and World Children's Day.