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Come by and try a refreshing All Fruit Smoothie.

Or enjoy one of our Caramel or Mocha Frappes!

Large image of McDonald's Mocha and Caramel Frappe's

We've Swapped our Crispy Chicken for New Juicier Southern Style Chicken.

It's Available Everyday, even Sunday

Try our Southern Style Chicken Biscuit for Breakfast.


 or you can also try our Southern Style Chicken Sandwich for lunch.

Southern Style Chicken Sandwich


We are always hiring smiling, friendly people that are highly motivated and ready to work together with a big team in a fast paced environment.  

When you complete your application, a member of our management team will review all applications and call applicants to set up interviews as we fill positions in our restaurant.  If you do not receive a call, we are most likely unable to fill a position based on your application.



McDonald's Corporation was honored by the US Green Buildings Council with the 2010 Natural Leaders Award - SMALL feet/large FEAT. The award recognizes an organization that has made strides to reduce its impact on the environment.